Services & Packages

At RootWise, we’re go-getters.  Your vision is important to us and we’ll work with you to realize it from beginning to end.  Our services and packages can be combined and/or modified to best fit your property’s needs and your budget.  Plus, our initial consult with you is always free.  Get in touch with us to see the difference experience makes.

A La Carte Services:

Organic-based lawn care

Mowing & property maintenance

HOA & business park management (per contract)

Spring & fall fertilization

Sod installation

Seasonal mulching

Property cleanups

Leaf cleanup & removal

Retaining wall installation

Fence installation

Paver patios, pathways, driveways

Stonework & woodwork (decorative and/or functional)

Hillside stairs & terraces

Raised garden beds, and more

Mowing & Property Maintenance

RootWise is committed to the sustainable upkeep of your outdoor space in all four seasons, and we offer pricing specific to your preferences. We’ve got all your mowing and property maintenance needs covered from a one-time mow to an annual service contract, and anything in-between. Give us a call and we’ll do the rest!

Pollinator Package

We’ve partnered with Asheville’s well-known beekeeping specialists over at Honey & The Hive to guarantee your property attracts and maintains pollinating bees, butterflies and the like, all while exuding the aesthetic of whimsical elegance that WNC gardens are known for.

Buggin’ Out Package

Summer evenings outdoors are far more enjoyable when the pests are away as your guests stay. Repel insects naturally with our specialized combination of herbs & bat box installations, proven to help control mosquitos and ticks without the use of harsh chemicals. Our alternative method ensures an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to a seasonal concern.

Curb Appeal Package

Sometimes all it takes to make a house feel like a home is a little curbside pick-me-up! Whether you’re moving into a new place, selling an old one, or simply looking for a change to your long-loved property, we’re happy to brighten & modernize your outdoor space. Add character and charm, and most importantly: Keep yourself happy and the neighbors happier!

Fresh Start Package

New home construction is often an exciting yet challenging endeavor. A blank slate can feel overwhelming, but rest assured RootWise will assist you in creating a plan that suits your space and your budget. We work closely with some of Asheville’s top landscape architects to draft and execute your dream landscape design, and can start small or do it all.

Spring Cleaning Package

Seasonal preparation is the key to a great looking landscape year-round. Dependent on your outdoor space and your need, we’ll likely recommend an overall cleanup, a fresh layer of mulch, and organic fertilizer to start your spring lawn off right. Then we can add your property to the RootWise weekly or biweekly mowing & maintenance schedule, and you’ll be all set!

Autumn Magic Package

Poof. We’ll make your leaves disappear! As tourists flock to the Blue Ridge to view our mountains in the height of their vibrancy, us locals look out our windows with appreciation mixed with a drop of disdain. We’ve got your back. You’ll be cheerful again in no time with our leaf cleanup help.

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Asheville, North Carolina
NCLC #3450
Fully Bonded and Insured

Contact Us
(828) 301-9976

Asheville, North Carolina
NCLC #3450
Fully Bonded and Insured